Travel Vaccinations

Travel safe with our travel vaccination service in Bury. Are you about to go on holiday, backpacking or on a quick business trip to a more exotic nation for a few days? Are you preparing for your Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca?

The Future Care Travel Clinic is here to ensure you are safe and secure wherever you are travelling around the world.

Why are travel vaccinations important?

You can be exposed to pathogens that your body is unable to defend itself against when you travel abroad. The term “immunisations” comes from “immunity.” Infection and sickness, such as Hepatitis A or Yellow Fever, may result from this, which will undoubtedly result in illness. These diseases can occasionally be fatal or very severe. However, you can establish immunity to them by getting one or more vaccinations before your trip. Given that several of these disorders frequently pose a threat to life, this is of utmost importance.

Travel vaccination service in Bury

How does our travel vaccination service in Bury work?

There are several different forms of travel vaccines that offer immunity against a variety of diseases, and they all function in very similar ways. In essence, a fluid that replicates the disease’s invasive bacteria is injected into you. Your immune system will subsequently be prompted to create antibodies (white blood cells) that are tailored to combat the particular illness. Because of this, if you ever come into contact with the bacterium or virus, your immune system will eliminate it before it can cause any damage to you.

Typically, you should get immunised at least 21 days (and occasionally more, like with the Rabies vaccination) before your trip. By doing this, you’ll give your body enough time to generate all the antibodies it needs for the best possible defence.

We protect our community and the surrounding areas

At Future Care Pharmacy, our pharmacists are fully qualified to provide all sorts of travel vaccinations and to prescribe antimalarial medicine. Prior to your trip, we also provide you with comprehensive, current health advice and information so that you are completely informed of the risks involved.

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