Weight Management Service

Access our weight management service in Bury today! If your efforts to lose weight aren’t showing up on the weighing scales, it can be challenging and discouraging. However, enhancing your health and losing weight can greatly raise your quality of life. And those who are clinically obese are most affected by this.

Through our in-store clinic, we provide a weight loss program. There, we may provide guidance and support for weight loss. We also provide a variety of private medicines that have been shown to help people lose weight.

What are weight-loss medications?

Prescription-only weight loss tablets are intended to help obese persons who are trying to reduce weight. Different weight loss pills work in different ways. For instance, weight-loss pills may function as follows:

– Stopping your body from absorbing about one-third of the fat you eat
– Limiting your appetite and cravings
– Making you feel less hungry

There are also meal replacement plans.

Weight management service in Bury

Are weight loss pills safe?

All medicines have risks, and weight-loss pills like Orlistat and Xenical are no different.

However, you cannot buy weight-loss tablets without first being examined by a healthcare provider because they are a prescription-only treatment. This implies that before prescribing them, your pharmacist has to make sure you are a good candidate.

For those who are clinically obese, weight loss tablets are a prescription-only medicine. A body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher qualifies as such. Diabetes patients who have a BMI of 28 or higher may potentially be eligible for weight-loss medication.

Weight loss pills are not meant to be long-term solutions. These pills are made to help people lose weight while simultaneously changing their lifestyles to include healthier eating habits and more exercise.

What are the benefits of our weight management service in Bury?

This service will allow you to lose weight the healthy way. The advantages of weight loss are numerous. By maintaining a healthy weight, you can lessen your risk of getting serious illnesses, such as:

– Cardiovascular disease
– Cancer
– Stroke
– Diabetes

Visit Future Care Pharmacy and let us help you lose weight. You can also book your appointment with us today!